How Can Outsourcing Eliminate Paperwork Chaos?

With current network technology and cloud computing, you can inexpensively install a paperless office system and eliminate paperwork chaos. You’ll immediately become more productive in your business.

In most small businesses, paperwork chaos is a major problem.

Everything that happens in your business creates a piece of paper within 30 seconds. Someone calls and you reach for a message pad or an order form. A sale is made and an invoice or receipt has to be created.

Managing all this physical paper — filing it, trying to retrieve it when needed – is a major time waster.

But with new network technology and cloud computing, you can inexpensively install a paperless office system. And you can do it in 24 hours without buying expensive equipment and software.

You’ll save huge chunks of time. You’ll quickly find the documents you need, when you need them. They’ll always be in the right place.

Here’s what you should look for in an outsourced paperless solution.

It should be inexpensive — $50 to $100 per month or less — and be robust enough to maintain high levels of security.

It should provide ease of use to scan and to categorize your documents.

It should provide sufficient storage for your needs.

On the outsourced paperless system side, you want to make sure that:

– The documents are managed so that search and retrieval are easy and reliable.

– The document archives are backed up daily.

– The documents are encrypted for information security; only your company and the service provider should be able to retrieve information from the digital document files.

By going to a paperless solution, you’ll save the time you need to develop strong business strategies, strong analysis, and strong systems.

— Bottom Line

You’ve probably seen the UPS commercials about logistics.

UPS argues that small and mid-sized businesses don’t need a large warehouse, distribution center, or global network to access the new logistics. They just need UPS. UPS has already built the systems.

By tapping into those systems, you can operate your business with the heft of a big guy, no matter how big you actually are.

UPS is right!

Exactly the same logic applies to paperless office systems. The systems exist. And they are easily and inexpensively available to small and mid-sized businesses.

By going paperless, you free up huge chunks of time.

You can spend that time growing your business!

You can start working on your business, not in your business.

You can analyze your business so you know, for example, which 20% of your customers are generating 80% of your profits. Then focus your efforts where they produce the greatest results.

Your small business achieves big leverage.

You’ll be growing your business and you’ll have less stress.