Choosing an archive storage facility


A top priority for any business is keeping their data protection up to scratch. Despite many records now being held electronically, most businesses will still have a large amount of paperwork to store and keep safe as a result of their day to day activities. With office space at a premium, storing archived records off site in a secure facility is not only a good idea in terms of protection, but can also free up some space in your facilities to use for other purposes. Follow our top tips to choose the best archive self storage facility for your company.

  • Speedy storage and easy retrieval

Good archive storage units will have easy access to your documents as and when you need them. Waiting weeks for a key piece of paperwork is not an option for busy companies, so choose a self storage provider who will be able to retrieve your documents as and when you need them.

  • Superb security standards

Storing business archives off site can be highly beneficial, and many cheap self storage options will actually offer better security than you can at your own site. Protecting your documents from fire, flood or break in will be easier in a purpose built storage facility, but do check they offer patrols, CCTV and secure entry to the site to ensure your documents are adequately protected.

  • Maintenance of document integrity

Self storage units with no climate control risk your paperwork becoming damaged by dampness or condensation. Even a very dry storage facility will risk papers becoming too dried out and brittle over several years. Pick an archive self storage unit that offers both climate and humidity control to ensure the documents are kept as good as new.

  • Good value for money

No doubt you will want to secure the best value self storage unit for your archives, so to keep the cost down have a think about the features you actually need. Your self storage provider will be able to discuss the size of unit you require, so that space is not wasted and your investment is maximised. Consider whether you’ll really use 24 hour access, or whether you can use the facility during business hours most of the time. Finally, some archive storage companies will offer to manage your archives for you. You will need to weigh up the cost of having a member of staff managing your archives with the cost of getting them to do it for you, to decide if this a good value option for you.