Archiving Documents Efficiently

If you’re in a line of business that is progressing from paper to digital, you will need to consider how best to archive your documents efficiently. Self storage offers you a wide range of archiving options including; filing, digital filing, deep storage and long term organisation storage. Here are some great reasons you should start to consider archiving your documents in a self storage unit:



Although you might think that you will be paying out excess money for self storage, you will actually get a return on this investment in the form of office space. Office space in London varies between around £50.00 and £80.00 per square foot depending on your location. That’s without any add on costs of rates and service charges which can push the total up by another £30.00 leaving you paying well over £100.00 per square foot of office space in top London offices. That means that you’re paying out £100’s every single month for all the space your filing takes up, which makes cheap self storage that little bit more appealing.

Document protection

It can take a long time to digitally archive your paperwork and even then it may be necessary for you to keep some paper copies in deep storage. Storage units are much less likely to suffer from damage than places that are used by people every day. Your office is a fire hazard, susceptible to flooding or water damage and also human error. A storage unit is securely locked and remains much less open to the elements, so you can rest assured the documents you are storing will be much safer than if they were in your office premises.


Archiving documents digitally can take a long time and even if you’ve employed a company to do it for you, that space in your office is still being used and you’re still lending time to the project. Having your documents stored off site where you can then give access to an archiving company to scan and digitize the documents for you, organizing the data efficiently within the unit means you save disruption, space and time. Sorting through paper files can really hinder productivity and use up precious time that could be better used elsewhere.


If you’re finding you’re absolutely pushed for space in your business premises and cannot afford to expand, you might find you’re forced to find cheap self storage quickly in order to archive your paperwork and take everything that doesn’t need immediate access off site. There are plenty of fantastic options available to you depending on your needs so you can rest assured you’ll be able to house your business paperwork somewhere safe.


Most companies have either changed over to a digital system or plan to do so imminently. It’s highly recommended that every company does this in order to improve their efficiency and simply keep up with modern times. It’s a key part of modernisation but inevitably you will still need to keep some hard paperwork copies, even if it’s for them to be destroyed at a later date. This digitising stage in your business growth will most definitely benefit the way you work long term and document archiving and self storage units are a way to minimize the disruption of the process so that you can benefit from all the improvements in house.